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S9E11 - A Synthwave Musical

What is The State of Synth?

TSOS is a weekly live synthwave radio show on Nightride FM. It’s one part news show, two parts music, with interviews and just a touch of old time serial radio. It’s funny, surreal, yet hugely informative and features great music from synthwave’s best artists.

The State of Synth is an all Live Event

The State of Synth is a live show with live interviews, live banter, and live crowd participation. Because of this, guests are highly encouraged to jump in our chats (YouTube or IRC) and come for the fun. Our shows feature live shout-outs as well as free giveaways. Come be a part of it!

Your Best Source for Synthwave News, Album Releases, and Touring Info

When it all comes down to it, there is no better source for new music, events, and news than The State of Synth. We consistently deliver the freshest, music and keep you well informed on all that’s going on in the synthwave scene. not only will you find great new releases, you can also look forward to never heard before exclusive tracks and music premieres.

The State of Synth Features Amazing Guests

What’s a good show without a great guest? Each week we feature a special guest from the synthwave scene. Over the years we have had some really amazing guests on the show. Some of our past guests included the following:

Nina • Makeup and Vanity Set • Robert Parker • W O L F C L U B • Yota • Bunny X • Megan McDuffy • Michael Oakley • Thought Beings • Primo The Alien • Max Cruise • Kick Puncher • Jonathan Belle • Elevate The Sky • Retro Revolutions • and more



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The State of Synth
The State of Synth
S9E11 - A Synthwave Musical
  • S9E11 - A Synthwave Musical

    S9E11 - A Synthwave Musical

    Jun 2, 2023 • 02:13:27

    In this meowtastic episode, Anniee joins Dennis and Jules to talk about her unique classical vocals and how she found the synthwave scene. Kitty Cabootle reports on Cat Temper getting an exclusive interview by the legendary Duran Duran. Dr Shultz invents yet another purrplexing machine. Too many cat puns? We…

  • S9E10 - The Good Loser

    S9E10 - The Good Loser

    May 24, 2023 • 02:19:29

    Hold onto your hats and get ready for another steamy episode of TSOS! Join Groot and Neon Fawkes as they dive into a chat with Brazilian synthwave sensation, Francci! Brace yourself for a tantalizing discussion as Francci spills the beans on his music inspirations, shares his indie synthwave artist secrets,…

  • S9E9 - Happy Sad Songs

    S9E9 - Happy Sad Songs

    May 18, 2023 • 02:18:10

    Groot and Neon Fawkes chat with Betablock3r