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S11E15 - Every Action Movie w/ The Runaway Wild


Date: Time: Guest:
January 31st 9:00 PM EST Night.Wav
Feburary 7th 9:00 PM EST Futurecop!
Feburary, 13th 6:00 PM EST French Touch (Demon, LIFELIKE, With Special Guest Host Yota)
Feburary, 21st 6:00 PM EST Edictum
Feburary, 28th 6:00 PM EST Nightflyer
March, 7th 6:30 PM EST Lost Nights
March, 12th 9:00 PM EST Full Eclipse
March, 19th 9:00 PM EST Phaserland + Nagrom
March, 23rd 2:00 PM EST Marc Matthews
March, 27th 6:00 PM EDT Popcorn Kid
April 17th 5:00 PM EDT Ace Buchannan
April 24th 9:00 PM EDT Out Runner
May 1st 9:00 PM EDT Syst3m Glitch
May 7th 9:00 PM EDT The Runaway Wild
May 28th 6:00 PM EDT Bending Grid
June 4th 6:00 PM EDT Season Finale w/ The Midnight

What is The State of Synth?

TSOS is a weekly live synthwave podcast / radio show that is broadcasted weekly on Nightride FM. It’s one part news show, two parts music, with interviews and just a touch of old time serial radio. It’s funny, surreal, yet hugely informative and features great music from synthwave’s best artists.

The State of Synth is an all Live Event

The State of Synth is a live show with live interviews, live banter, and live crowd participation. Because of this, guests are highly encouraged to jump in our chats (YouTube or IRC) and come for the fun. Our shows feature live shout-outs as well as free giveaways. Come be a part of it!

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The State of Synth Features Amazing Guests

What’s a good show without a great guest? Each week we feature a special guest from the synthwave scene. Over the years we have had some really amazing guests on the show. Some of our past guests included the following:

The MidnightLifelikeArcade HighCannonsStarcadianStreet CleanerDroid BishopAndy LastL'AvenueDeadlifeVon Kaiser

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The State of Synth
The State of Synth
S11E15 - Every Action Movie w/ The Runaway Wild
  • S11E15 - Every Action Movie w/ The Runaway Wild

    S11E15 - Every Action Movie w/ The Runaway Wild

    May 8, 2024 • 01:43:36

    Dennis and Jules talk action movies with special guest The Runaway Wild. Dennis eats too many Cadbury eggs.

  • S11E14 - Kiss Marry Kill w/ Syst3m Glitch

    S11E14 - Kiss Marry Kill w/ Syst3m Glitch

    May 2, 2024 • 01:59:58

    “Dennis and Jules welcome producer and friend Syst3m Glitch to the show to talk about his new album out now on NewRetroWave.

  • S11E13 - Strappin' GoPros Everywhere w/ Out Runner

    S11E13 - Strappin' GoPros Everywhere w/ Out Runner

    Apr 25, 2024 • 02:00:37

    Jules surprises Dennis with the special guest Out Runner. They chat about his music, how he found the synthwave scene, and where he likes to put his GoPro.