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S10E10 - Evevate the McRib


Date: Time: Guest:
September 12th 9:30 PM EST Oceanside 85
September 20th 9:30 PM EST STARCADIAN
September 26th 6:00 PM EST Yota & Lifelike
October 10th 6:00 PM EST All the Damn Vampires
October 24th 6:00 PM EST Sequenza
October 25th 9:30 PM EST Mark Cooper
November 1st 9:30 PM EST Starletta
November 7th 6:00 PM EST The Secret Chord
November 22nd 6:00 PM EST PYLOT
December 1st 9:00 PM EST Elevate the Sky
December 6th 9:00 PM EST Brad A. Kinnan
December 12th TBD TBD
December 19th 4:00 PM EST NINA & Ricky Wilde
December 28th TBD Season Finale

What is The State of Synth?

TSOS is a weekly live synthwave podcast / radio show that is broadcasted weekly on Nightride FM. It’s one part news show, two parts music, with interviews and just a touch of old time serial radio. It’s funny, surreal, yet hugely informative and features great music from synthwave’s best artists.

The State of Synth is an all Live Event

The State of Synth is a live show with live interviews, live banter, and live crowd participation. Because of this, guests are highly encouraged to jump in our chats (YouTube or IRC) and come for the fun. Our shows feature live shout-outs as well as free giveaways. Come be a part of it!

Your Best Source for Synthwave News, Album Releases, and Touring Info

When it all comes down to it, there is no better source for new music, events, and news than The State of Synth. We consistently deliver the freshest, music and keep you well informed on all that’s going on in the synthwave scene. not only will you find great new releases, you can also look forward to never heard before exclusive tracks and music premieres.

The State of Synth Features Amazing Guests

What’s a good show without a great guest? Each week we feature a special guest from the synthwave scene. Over the years we have had some really amazing guests on the show. Some of our past guests included the following:

The MidnightLifelikeArcade HighCannonsStarcadianStreet CleanerDroid BishopAndy LastL'AvenueDeadlifeVon Kaiser

Nina • Makeup and Vanity Set • Robert Parker • W O L F C L U B • Yota • d r e a m k i d •  Sunglasses Kid
•  Betamaxx •  Michael Weber •  Bunny X • Megan McDuffy • Michael Oakley • Thought Beings • Primo The Alien • Max Cruise • Kick Puncher • Jonathan Belle • Elevate The Sky • Retro Revolutions • and more



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The State of Synth
The State of Synth
S10E10 - Evevate the McRib
  • S10E10 - Evevate the McRib

    S10E10 - Evevate the McRib

    Dec 2, 2023 • 02:00:37

    Dennis and Jules are joined by LA based synthwave artist Elevate the Sky. This episode is not affiliated with or sponsored by the delectable McRib sandwich, which has made its return for a limited time.    

  • S10E9 - Just the Helmet w/ PYLOT

    S10E9 - Just the Helmet w/ PYLOT

    Nov 23, 2023 • 02:03:58

    Dennis and Jules chat with PYLOT about his latest NewRetroWave album, AXIOM. They also discuss his collaborations, including his most recent collaboration with The Midnight’s Tylor Lyle. Additionally, they drop premieres from Power Rob feat. MN1984 and Nightmares and Neon. No pants required.

  • S10E8 - In Search of w/ The Secret Chord

    S10E8 - In Search of w/ The Secret Chord

    Nov 8, 2023 • 01:35:36

    Dennis and Neon Fawkes chat with NewRetroWave artist The Secret Chord about his music, space travel, and whether or not there is life out there. The truth is out there!