Past Episodes

S8E13 – Pigs and Berries

Dennis and Jules finally get a chance to chat with NRW recording artist Mecha Maiko. They chatted about her music, her new album NOT OKAY, and spending time “off the grid.”

S8E12 – A Very Special Episode, with Primo!

Primo joins Dennis and Neon Fawkes to chat about her new single, her music, and hectic work habits. Jules talks about Jello. Dennis gets confused. You’ll also notice that his dad was a great teacher. Finally, Dennis gets the idea that the music he’s working on isn’t his own.

S8E11 – A Synthwave Reunion

Grant and Amanda from Neon Retrofest join the show to talk about their massive 3 days retro festival that’s coming up in April. Dennis and Jules manage to squeeze out some juicy details on what to expect.

S8E10 – Blood and Horror

Darksynth artist Draven joins Dennis and Jules to talk about his killer music, false endings, and great horror movies. Blood was definitely spilled.

S8E9 – Nightwaves

Destryur joins Dennis and Neon Fawkes to chat about his music and his involvement with Night.wav. Stan, Rachael and Spooky Steve descent into the basement under the basement that’s under the basement.

S8E8 – Gratuitous Sax

Dennis and Jules chat with Max Cruise and The Motion Epic

S8E7 – It’s Not Country

Von Kaiser joins Dennis and Jules along with Kaarin and Joe Lokay to discuss their new album. Reinhold drinks in the closet and talks about a new charity album. It’s a total vibe.

S8E6 – Beer, Bats, and Rockabilly

Dennis and Neon Fawkes welcome The Horrornauts to the show. Spooky Steven performs a seance in the basement under the basement.

S8E5 – Getting Sentimental

Synthwave OG Miami Nights 1984 joins Dennis and Neon Fawkes to talk about his new album and the early days in the scene. Kitty reports on a new Ferris Bueller spinoff.

S8E4 – Mouth Sounds

Dennis and Jules welcome Beckett to the show to chat about his new album.

S8E3 – Take it to Lightspeed

Alex Lightspeed and crew joined Dennis and Jules on the USS TSOS to chat about their music, their signing with Rosso Corsa Records, and their vinyl ultimatums.

S8E2 – Honey and Wrastling

CFFNDRGGR joins Dennis and Jules. Kitty reports on a new John Carpenter album. Things get weird.

S8E1 – All the Bleeps and the Bloops

Dennis and Jules welcome Makeup and Vanity Set to the show. Reinhold finds a new hang.

S7E16 – Take Me to Church

Josh Dally joins Dennis and Neon Fawkes to talk about his music, his long-time collaboration with Ollie Wride, and tells us where the hell all the vinyls are! Come on, daddy needs his wax! Dennis drops the pre-order date for the upcoming TSOS concept album “Operation Space Toaster.”

S7E15 – The Episode Where Everything Fell Apart

This week we welcomed Shadowrunner to the show. We discussed his music, his astonishingly good looks, and what he knows about rusty trombones. Somewhere during the night Hannah B joined in and we lost Neon Fawkes. Then we lost internet connection. Basically, everything went wrong. Enjoy!

S7E14 – Happy Jaloon

Dennis G and Neon Fawkes chat with Cassetter. Mrs McQueen delivers a very important message.

S7E13 – How About a Nice Steak Dinner?

This week we chat with synthwave producer Aeronexus. We chat about his music, musical inspirations, touring, and whether or not he’s a fan of Kate Bush. Lite spoilers for Strangers Things lie ahead.

S7E12 – Workout Party

This week, Jules and I chat with Abigail from Bunny X. We talked about her upcoming show in New York, working with Kim Wilde, and her favorite cereal (Captain Crunch ouch!) Kitty and Stan get physical in the basement.

S7E11 – Retro Reverb Rhythms Vol 2. Album Launch Party

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Help us raise awareness for mental health issues and donate to the Mental Health Foundation. You can support the cause by purchasing Retro Reverb Rhythms Vol 2., a charity album for mental health.