Past Episodes

S7E13 – How About a Nice Steak Dinner?

This week we chat with synthwave producer Aeronexus. We chat about his music, musical inspirations, touring, and whether or not he’s a fan of Kate Bush. Lite spoilers for Strangers Things lie ahead.

S7E12 – Workout Party

This week, Jules and I chat with Abigail from Bunny X. We talked about her upcoming show in New York, working with Kim Wilde, and her favorite cereal (Captain Crunch ouch!) Kitty and Stan get physical in the basement.

S7E11 – Retro Reverb Rhythms Vol 2. Album Launch Party

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Help us raise awareness for mental health issues and donate to the Mental Health Foundation. You can support the cause by purchasing Retro Reverb Rhythms Vol 2., a charity album for mental health.

S7E10 – Listen to This Episode OR DIE

The Earth (and TSOS) has been taken over by the galactic overlord, Volkor X. Concerned citizens, find out how to survive by listening to this podcast.

S7E9 – jackets Required

Neon Fawkes and Dennis G welcome jacket. to the show to talk about his music, his musical collaborations, and he managed reanimate a living person.

S7E8 – How Big is Your Keytar?

Dennis and Jules welcome Watch Out For Snakes to the show. The show hires Spooky Steven, a synthwave ghost hunter. Things get a bit titular.

S7E7 – Box or no Box?

Geovoc joins Dennis and Jules to chat about his music. Kitty is in jail. Vosto is still missing. It’s all falling apart around here.

S7E6 – Chippy, Football, Here’s a Pork Pie, Shut Up

Deadlife joins Dennis, Jules, and Kaarin to talk about his new album Tortured Waters and things get a little angsty. Come rage with us, won’t you? Listener discretion is advised.

S7E4 – It all Goes Down in the Warehouse

Jonny Fallout joins Dennis and Jules to chat about his music, his new album, his signing with Retro Reverb Records, and more. Kitty Cabootle, Stan and Tatyana report on location at Oligen Pictures.

S7E3 – Diamond Field of Dreams and Other Great Names

Andy Diamond joins Dennis and Jules on the show. Lonnie Crane talks about the new Retro Reverb Records charity album.

S7E2 (Trilogy in Five Parts)

Dennis and Neon Fawkes welcome nerdcore/synthwave artist Marc Cooper to the show to chat about his 5 part album trilogy (Is quintrilogy a word?) Reinhold talks about the hot new synthwave radio station Sunset Radio 88 FM.

S7E1 – The Synth Must Go On

Synthwave legend Robert Parker joins Dennis G and Neon Fawkes for the season 7 premiere. Kitty Cabootle, Stan, and Tatyana report from a mysterious time portal in California.

S6E15 – Season Finale

Jordan Noir and Peter Zimmerman from Record Club join Dennis G and Neon Fawkes for a lively conversation about music, art, vinyl, and the proper way to cut a vinyl album. The cast celebrates the biggest event of the year. Thanks for listening and see you again in the future!

S6E14 – The State of Starcadian

Film director and funk powerhouse Starcadian joins Dennis and Neon Fawkes to talk about his new album, drink Japanese whiskey, and talk about the state of the world. Reinhold has himself a fun night out at the Ollie Wride concert.

S6E13 – The Howard Jones Revival Show

Dennis and Neon Fawkes welcome synthwave/dreamwave/game composer Andrew Benon to the show. They chat about the Minnesota synthwave scene, his musical influences and of course, Chex Quest. Lonnie Crane talks about the NRW 10 year anniversary.

S6E12 – Synthwave and Soul

Jay Diggs joins Dennis and Jules to talk about his new album, his music and that infamous WAP remix. Synthbot 84 gets us up to speed on the new Kung Fury: A Day at the Beach DLC.

S6E11 – Dial an Ep

d.notive joins Dennis, Neon and Kaarin for a fun chat about his music, the Minnesota synthwave scene, and what the term OBS really stands for. Lord Reinhold is back with some synthy news story.

S6E10 – It’s all About the Frontal Gyris

Droid Bishop joins Dennis G and Neon Fawkes. They chat about his new album “Into The Abstract” as well as what he’s been up to during the pandemic. Vosto and Stan finally solve the mystery of the ancient “synth stones.” Sharpen up your swords, we’re going on an adventure!

S6E9 – The Harrar Episode

Pat DiMeo and Nick from The Motion Epic stop by to talk about their latest album Boardwalk Arcadia, VR, and how they hooked up with Max Cruise. Vosto and Stan discover a mysterious cave that may hold the secrets of synthwave itself.