Past Episodes

S5E7 – Coming to Theaters, This Summer

Dennis and Neon Fawkes welcome Aztec Recording artist Syst3m Glitch to the show to talk about his music and upcoming album. Vosto and secret agent Stan Steel do battle with the KGB military, because of course they did. Voice-overs for everyone!

S506 – Get Jacked

Dennis and Neon Fawkes welcome darksynth producer Kick Puncher to the show. Vosto is discovered in the far reaches of Siberia. Everyone gets jacked.

S5E5 – Cats, Plants, and Squiggly Solos

It’s a big livestream weekend and we’re all excited! On this episode, Neon Fawkes welcomes Serbian producer Bonggita to the show to talk about his music and his amazing life journey. Synthbot also breaks the station by cranking out too many NFTs.

S5E4 – Wolf Club Jeans

Dennis G and Neon Fawkes welcome W O L F C L U B to the show to chat about their new album, upcoming shows, and their scoring work on the Infamous movie soundtrack. Kitty Caboodle reports on the new Turbo Kid Video game.

S5E3 – Pet The Dog

Dennis G and Neon Fawkes welcome Street Cleaner to the show to talk about his new album and video game. Kitty Caboodle reports on location from a village in Romania where a strange metallic disc has been discovered.

S5E2 – Saving the World

Dennis G and Neon Fawkes welcome visual artist and storyteller Jonathan Bell to the show to chat about his positive energy and his Synthwave and Chill YouTube series. We find out about a new video game Narita Boy and their campaign to help save local arcades.

S5E1 – (Season Premiere) It’s All About The Chunky Jewelry

Neon Fawkes and Dennis G are back for the season 5 premiere! This episode they welcome one of their favorite artists Thought Beings to chat about their unique style, and killer album Neon Beach. Kitty Bartholomew takes us to the Daft Punk vigil in France and somehow gets roped into a cult.

S4 – Finale

Thanks for listening! See you in 2021.

S4E15 – The State of Tea

Vosto gets blasted into another dimension, again! Neon Fawkes and Dennis G welcome DEADLIFE to the show to discuss his music, vinyl obsession, and what type of tea he prefers. Seriously, lots of tea and crumpet talk here. Seriously, I’m getting hungry just writing this..

S4E14 – The Shack of Mysteries

Neon Fawkes are joined by Turbo Knight, YORU 夜, and Dimi Kaye to talk about the music they make together. Other enlightening topics included: Thundercats, Olympus plants, guitar shredding and how to curse in other languages. Praise to Zeus/Vangelis.

S4E13 – Mega-Powertronics

Dennis and Jules welcome Power Rob, Dark Rob, and Sebastian from the 80s power synth groups Megatronix and Thrillkiller. Lot’s of power. Lots of Robs. Vosto also gets to the bottom of the Spotify Retrowave playlist scandal.

S4E12 – Shredwave

Dennis and Neon Fawkes are joined by shredwave extraordinaires McRocklin & Hutch. They discuss BMX bikes, stormtroopers, tracksuits, and their epic guitar driven sound. Vosto interviews a potential new employee that might have embalming fluid in his car (seriously, where does he find these guys?)

S4E11 – The Rad Pack

Kaarin, Ashley from Forged in Neon and Joe Lokay (AKA The Rad Pack) take over The State of Synth. Dennis G and Vosto Vlad report on location from the Kung Fury 2 set.

Special Edition (Gryff)

Kaarin joins Dennis G and Neon Fawkes for a very special edition of TSOS. They welcome Gryff on is their special guest who is just hanging at the beach (because of course.) They talk about his album Calypso Drip FM and dive into some of his inspirations in making it.

S4E10 – Catvinsky

Synthbot 83 drops the big story, but not really. Dennis and Neon Fawkes welcome special guest Cat Temper. Puns and cats run wild.

Kids and Monsters

Dennis and Neon Fawkes are joined by special guests The Midnight. They drop premieres from Arcade High, Beckett, Mike Templar, Eightecs, and more. Vosto investigates a strange synthesizer that can be played using brain waves.

S4E8 – You Got A Fly On You

L’Avenue joins the gang to talk his sizzling debut album Into The Night. Dennis and Neon Fawkes premiere his track “Corporation” as well as a new banger from synth newcomer FancyNormal. Vosto travels forward in time to check out the new streaming event from The Midnight.

S4E7 – Static Realms

Electrish from Static Realms joins Dennis G and Neon Fawkes. Vosto discovers a new type of synthwave.

S4E6 – Black Magic

Retro Revolutions join the gang and impresses with their complex modding wizardly and wild stories from the land called New Zealand. Synthbot 83 visits a local coffee shop to try to solve the Midnight’s ARG puzzle and gets drunk on coffee. Dennis G and Neon Fawkes drop some fresh new tunes.

S4E5 – A New Pair of Pants

Neon Fawkes and Dennis G talk with Cannons about their music style, influences, and new video for their hit single “Fire for You.” Vosto takes us on a tour through the Nightride FM research facility to investigate a strange new device.