Past Episodes

S4E2 – Snack Attack

Dennis and Jules catch up with Scott from Elevate The Sky to talk about his music and generally being an awesome supporter of the synthwave scene. Vosto reports on the new Chex Quest HD game. When there are snacks and rad tunes involved, everyone’s a winner.

S4E1 – Starcadets in Squeaky Chairs

Starcadian joins Dennis and Neon Fawkes for the season 4 premiere and talks about everything from touring to video games. He also gets very real with discussion of his new EP Shadowcatcher. They also drop premieres from Eightecs, Best Korea, and Von Kaiser.

S3 Finale

Dennis and Jules try out the new Synthfamulator 9000.

S3E16 – I’m Coming

MacReady join Dennis and Jules and turn their brains to mush. Vosto goes hot on the trail to uncover the meaning behind an ominous message by Kavinsky. Primo tells it like it is. #blacklivesmatter

S3E15 – Synthwave is People

On is a super sized episode Dennis and Jules discuss the Synth Rider Festival with the documentary creators Ivan and Damien. They also have a chat with Espen Kraft to talk about his music and the awesome Norwegian music scene.

S3E14 – The State of Wolves

Dennis and Neon Fawkes welcome Seattle synthwave artist Wolftron to the show to discuss his music and the Seattle music scene. Dennis drinks too much Vaporita and accidentally starts an east/west synthwave gang war. Rad tunes and random discussions run rampant.

S3E13 – Clickety-Clack

Straplocked and CZARINA join Dennis and Jules and things go quickly off the rails. Vosto dives into the Virtuaverse. They drop premieres from Espen Kraft feat VIC20, Straplocked, and CZARINA.

S3E12 – Tonight We Riot

This week Dennis and Neon are joined by NewRetroWave recording artist Let Em Riot. Vosto somehow gets stuck in the 5th dimension on his way to September 87’s TV set. Dennis and Neon drop rad tunes from Roxi Drive, Kidburn, Peacecraft, Kay Burton, DEADLIFE, and more.

S3E11 – Vampires in Bad Sweaters

This episode Neon Fawkes and Dennis G are joined by special guest Vampire Step-Dad. They discuss his music and his on-point merch game. Bandcamp drops it’s fees again and once again threatens to do serious damage to Jule’s Credit Card.

S3E10 – Just Wingin’ It

Ray Gun Hero joins Dennis and NEON to discuss his general overall badassery. Jules works on getting buff. Dennis has too much Rye. Vosto does battle with Volkor X when he tries to take over the world. Seriously, we gotta get out of our houses! Oh, and we play rad tunes.

S3E9 – That Time We Almost Broke Time

Vosto pushes a big red button and somehow almost breaks the space-time continuum. Alpha Chrome Yayo joins Dennis and Jules and things somehow get even weirder. It’s a show full of whiskey, kimonos, alternate universe episodes of Cheers and partially sentient video golf menu screens.

S3E8 – To Bidet Or Not To Bidet?

Dennis G and Neon Fawkes are joined by synthpop group ØPAL. Vosto Vlad interviews himself. Primo kicks Corona’s ass in the playground. Dennis tries to understand bidets and how to make the Ø symbol on his keyboard. They also play rad premieres from Taurus 1984, Czarina, and of course ØPAL.

S3E7 – Beerwave

Jeremy from Skald Brewing joins Dennis G and Neon Fawks to talk about brewing synthwave beers. Vosto and Arnold get ready to terminate the competition at The Midnight’s remix contest. The gang drops a world premiere from Dana Jean Phoenix’s new album called “Figure Me Out.”

S3E6 – It’s the End of the World and I Feel Fine

Welcome to our apocalypse show. This episode we invited artist Shikimo to our bunker for some social distancing, a few drinks, and a nice chat about his new tune “Shimmer Isle.” We also play some synthwave composed by a cat.

S3E5 – Samurais and Aliens

CZARINA and Primo join Dennis and Neon Fawkes to take the show completely off the rails. Vosto discovers a new type of synthwave called Microwave. Dennis G and Neon Fawkes play rad tunes along with a new premiere from HeartBeatHero.

S3E4 – Mullets & Man Crushes

Dennis G and Neon Fawkes welcome Ace Marino to the show. They talk music, body building tips, and Ace shares his secret on how he maintains his fabulous mullet. Vosto is super excited for the new indie synthwave game Retro Drive.

S3E2 – Coming in Hot!

Grammy nominated producer David Joseph Wesley joins for a fun discussion about his passion musical passions. They also talk about vintage video games, gear porn, and the music he creates under the name Parsec. Vosto reports on a new sweatwave contest.

S3E1 – Is This Synthwave?

Dennis and NEON Fawkes dust off their mics for an all new season of TSOS. Their special guest is ALEX. They discuss his new album Blood City and play cool tunes from Dynamite Stranger, Neon Arcadia, NeverMann, Embers (remixed by HeartBeatHero).